Baby Wrap/Blanket Teddy Unisex Logo T: 75 x 100 cm. – blue bw-112-967g

Snuggle Baby


Premium Blanket Your baby teddy logo Unisex T: 75 x 100 cm. - bw-112-967 Snuggle Baby Elegant wrap-around cover envelops the baby from head to toe like heat and feel safe and secure in order to ensure that your baby is always well protected and premium when you sortiesqualité warm, supersoft comfortable size: 75 x 100 cm Material: 100% Polyester Brand: Snuggle Baby Color: Blue, Pink and Gray to help reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome Infant and young babies should be placed on their side or sleeping bear away from the air Smokey Please make sure in the right nursery temperature (18 °C: 65 °F is ideal) machine washable The towel can be easily washed in the washing machine and dryer, which means that the softness and comfort are washed after washing

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